National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina


The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established in 1946. The Gallery in its collection has over 6,000 invaluable pieces divided into several sub-collections (the Collection of Bosnian-Herzegovinian art, the Collection of Ferdinand Hodler’s works, the Collection of Icons, the Collection of Yugoslav art, the Collection of international works donated to the Gallery, the Collection of photographs and the archive of the “NADA” fine arts magazine).

Physical accessibility

Accessible entrance

Note: If a PWD visits the museum with personal assistant we charge the ticket for the personal assistant with a different pricing policy. We don’t want to give free entrance to PWD in order not to promote positive discrimination. All group organized and announced activities for PWD are free of charge.

Accessible content & tools

Assistance trained guides

Accessible and inclusive programes

  • We implement tactile exercises with tactile boxes or other hand-made didactic tools and use augmentative communication tools during the particular educative activities, but we don’t have them all the time in the exhibition space.
  • “Blue artism” museum-educational program developed for children from Autistic spectrum in 2018. Since than it’s has been used with children and youth with other developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome and intellectual impairments. The program is based on guided tours on different topics. Activities of the program includes breathing exercises in motion, guided discussions on selected artworks with reasonably adjusted speech and language, creative work with art materials, tactile and olfactive exercises and emotional self-evaluation. At the end of the program (that lasts from 4-6 months) we organize exhibition of the artworks that were created by the participants. The program runs annually. During the program we track social, cognitive and communicative progress of each individual participant.
  • “CogniART” is museum-educational program for elderly people (65+ years old). It is based on guided tours that includes deep cognitive and aesthetic interaction between participants and original museum artworks. During this process we develop critical thinking, evoke memories and deepen up aesthetic experience in participants. Besides the involvement in guided discussions, the participants take places in creative expression with different art materials where they develop fine motor skills and relation between mind and hands. This program helps them to interact socially. The program runs monthly.