National Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves”

National Museum of Secret Surveillance "House of Leaves"


The building known as the “House of Leaves” has now returned to the Museum of Secret Surveillance. it is the newest museum in Albania and certainly the most intriguing one that tries to narrate to young people and to foreigners, one of the darkest periods of the country’s history.

Physical accessibility

Accessible Parking
Accessible entrance
Pet Friendly

There are two ramps in the museum, one which is fixed at the exit of the museum and a portable ramp which makes it possible to facilitate the movement of people with wheelchairs. Areas where visitors can have a rest are found both inside and outside the museum.

Accessible virtual content & tools

  • Audio guide is available in French, Italian.

Accessible and inclusive programes

Currently, our staff is working to adapt its two educational programs for students with disabilities. There are two programs that have started since the opening of the museum :1-“Remember for not forgetting” and 2-“Impressions”. The firs one aims to acquaint the new generations with the dark communist Albanian past. Through this program, participating students of 9-year-old and high schools visit the museum accompanied by its guide and then discuss with a former victim of the dictatorial regime. Students who do not watch will be included in this program. This will be realized thanks to the guides in Braille as well as the direct confessions of the former persecuted. While in the “Impressions” program, which is about the expression of students’ thoughts and experiences in different artistic forms after the visit to the museum, we thought of including deaf students. The first program will be able to take place once every two months. While the second program, which also comes in the form of a competition, allows schools to participate only once in each edition.